Goodridge 210 Hose. Integral stainless ssteel reinforced synthetic rubber with lightweight outer black fibre braid . It can be used with all synthetic lubricants, fuel, oils and coolants. Not suitable for use inside the cockpit of a closed car due to vapour penetration. The correct hose to use inside the cockpit is Goodridge 811. This Goodridge hose is sold in units of 100mm. 210Goodridge hose. Used with the 236 series unions to assemble oil and fuel systems for race, rally and track cars. Similiar to Aeroquip red and blue.

Please note: The price shown is for a 100mm unit. We do this to help you purchase exactly the quantity you require when a full metre is not needed, saving you money. For example, if you do require a one metre length, you will need to change the order quantity to 10 in your basket.


Goodridge 210 Hose ( Per 100mm )

SKU: 210-06
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