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Custom Moulded Drivers earpieces with RCA Phono connector

These custom moulded earpieces are manufactured in our own lab to offer the best in comfort and performance in Motorsport communications earpieces. We use super soft medical grade silicone to give high comfort and maximum protection for your ears. The high grade miniature transducers are optimised to give the best possible performance in this demanding environment. Guaranteed 100% compatible with all race communications systems.

  • Medical grade super soft silicone for maximum comfort
  • Our own bespoke sweat proof cable for long product life
  • High grade miniature transducers tailored for Motorsports use
  • High level of hearing protection
  • RCA Phono connector compatible with Autotel and MRTC systems
  • Also available with 3.5 Jack, Stilo Connector and other connectors 

RR500 Custom Moulded Earpieces

SKU: RR500
  • Order Procedure

    1.       Order on website with your contact details

    2.       We will contact you and make an appointment to take your ear              Impressions ourselves, or we can direct you to an agent or to                an audiologist who can take your ear impressions.

    3.        We deliver to your address by special delivery or courier.

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