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 Tanktrack floor is designed to be incredibly tough and durable it's low profile and quick snap together design takes the work and time out of installation. It's anti slip too grid design provides exceptional grip. For smaller installations on concrete or tarmac we have developed a additional super grip foot that can be added at your convenience in 4 places on each tile. Edge ramps are available for the male and female sides. It's roll up design provides a quick and convenient solution to storage and installation simply clip together the required lengths and then line up and roll out the next length walking along the join to clip it together. When taking up the tanktrack floor select the desired width step on one tile and lift the other then roll up, tie up and load. This makes Tanktrack the best solution for anywhere where you need a flooring solution that's quick to setup and takedown.

Tank Track Portable Flooring

SKU: T1016
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