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Lets Race, Britcar Endurance 1st Round

The Team arrived at Rockingham Our Local Circuit, Although not having been here for a couple of years, Immediately you know where you are. This cannot be said however for Our Driver Mal Sandford as is the same for most tracks this year as he has never been. Steep learning curve ahead, but he was up for the challenge, learning all through Friday testing, although it started damp it did dry out nicely. Data is the name of the game and Mal alongside myself and his Co driver/Coach worked hard on individual sections at a time.

The Crew Also had there work cut out this weekend with a 2 day event the Race day is always fast turnarounds sometimes only 30 mins to prep and fuel, but as usual the guys did a great job lead by Dave they really did a great job. so Thanks to them All Darren, Jim, Paul and our new man who is full time with us now, Lewis.

Thanks To MHPIC for Pics

They had a bit of a curveball on Friday as we had a failed Upright but they managed to locate fit and set the car back up and were finished about 1:30 in the morning.

Car was as good as ever Sat morning, Ben Set a great time in Qualy, Mal wasn't quite on it then.

This however changed dramatically, as in the first race he just got quicker and quicker and got within 4 seconds of Ben with consistent low 1:30's

Great Results, all round on wards to Silverstone

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