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Funcup Round 5 Oulton Park

There we have Round 5 of @Funcup at Oulton Park completed, After a difficult day testing Friday with 246 experiencing an electric gremlin however we overcome this and the drivers were outstanding! Saturday Race day both cars & Drivers performed another outstanding drive, However after a while we experienced electric problem on 104 which put us on the back foot but we swiftly got this corrected and the car was back out, Then we experienced a gear shift issue on 246 1 hour before the end of the race which cost us P10 but the team got this fixed as quick as possible. Tough weekend for us at EDF however everyone did an awesome job! Cars finishing at : 104 P20 Overall & P8 in Class

246 P15 Overall & P10 in Class

Now to get the cars prepped & ready to go for Round 6 Croft 🏁

Huge thanks to our Orange Army🧡

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