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Pull Cable seized? Master Switch failed during a race?

Cartek's GT solid state battery isolator is completely electronic, and bonded into an aluminium shell to make it highly resistant to shock, vibration, dirt and moisture. It uses the latest MOSFET technology and provides safe, spark free isolation of a vehicles electrics, and kills the engine, in full accordance with both FIA and MUK rules (including the 2022 updated regulation 8.1.1).

  • Isolates vehicle electrics and kills the engine
  • FIA and MUK complaint. Including MUK updated regulation 8.1.1 for 2022
  • Solid state (no moving parts) for ultra reliable operation
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Resistant to shock, vibrations, dirt and moisture
  • Ideal for vehicles with standard ECUs or historic cars with no ECU

The isolation circuitry is controlled by microprocessors (which also provide constant monitoring of internal temperature and current for safe shut down in the event of an accident or electrical fault) The unit itself is designed to be mounted to the chassis and as close to the battery as possible, this allows the power cables to be kept as short as possible. A typical installation requires one external kill button and just one internal on/off switch, all of which use low voltage wiring.

Kit includes the GT isolator, external kill button, internal on/off button, wiring and location stickers for internal and external buttons.


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