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HomologationFIA 8853:2016
Buckle TypeQuick Release Buckle
Lap Adjusters75mm Steel
Crutch Style2 Point Moustache
Buckle Fixed PointCrutch Strap
Part Number21C620*
  • 50mm webbing on the upper shoulder to suit hans device
  • Steel anti-creep adjusters all around
  • Snap hook fixings all around
  • Option for the shoulder straps to wrap around roll cage if required
  • Securing tab for intercom cables on the shoulder strap
  • Thumb loops on lower shoulder straps
  • FHR Only

    The 6pt Magnum HANS Harness is for drivers who prefer to use 50mm webbing where it passes over the HANS device. This harness has steel anti-creep adjusters and snap hook fixings all round.

    The shoulder straps can be wrapped around the roll cage if required. TRS' light weight 140 gram quick release buckle is of composite construction and is attached to the crutch strap on 5 and 6 point harnesses. 

    Innovative features such as, a securing tab for intercom cables on the shoulder strap, thumb loops on lower shoulder straps and Velcro patches on lap straps were all pioneered by TRS and are standard on all of our competition harnesses.

Magnum 6 Point FHR Only FIA Harness

SKU: 21C620
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