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NX9000 ADVANCED DIGITAL RACE CAR RADIO SYSTEM Now with DSP4 noise cancelling as standard

Please call for Details and Price

Complete Digital System for 1 x car, 1 x race engineer and 1 x Driver


3 Car radio options

NX9300 GT saloon car High power radio, 12 volt

NX9003 Lightweight Battery Powered for Single seater

NX9003+ Lightweight 12 Volt Powered Radio for all Race applications


DSP4 Noise cancelling Fitted as standard

Elevated Range extending Antenna on Engineer Pit set 

High quality Helmet Kit and Generic Drivers earpieces Included

A repeater option can be added to ensure full track coverage on larger tracks if required.

Car System


The new Autotel NX9000DSP series offers advanced digital communications systems for all types of racecars. 12 volt powered radio options  make it ideal for endurance racing. The special car radio packs and looms is fitted with our adaptive DSP4 digital noise cancelling to give the best possible communications in all applications. The system is compatible with our new DSP4 Microphone technology intended for very high noise applications, as well as being backwardly compatible with most conventional Dynamic microphones supplied by Autotel, MRTC, Stilo, bell and Sparco


The system is complete and will give better range than the equivalent analogue system in a race car situation. Improvements of 30% increase in range have been found in some applications over conventional analogue, Our RR4000S Digital repeater can be added to guarantee full track coverage on virtually any track**

The System is based around the latest Kenwood NX3000 series radio units that have improved noise capabilities and better resistance to water. The handsets having IP67 capabilities.

NX9000 DSP Key Benefits


Car and Pit calls can be monitored without scanning... No more lost first words from slow scanning

Secure, digital conversations... No more eavesdropping

Clear, crisp, digital conversation... Consistent voice quality and volume

Inherent digital noise cancelling enhanced with our DSP4 adaptive noise cancelling... Ideal for high noise applications

High Level of immunity to interference... Digital radio is far less likely to be affected by pit lane interference


Improved range... Narrow band digital radio NXDN gives a better usable range than analogue systems and is also more immune to high vehicle electrical interference that often reduces range.


System Components


1 x NX9000/9003+ or 9300 Car radio with anti-vibration mounting and full DSP4 noise cancelling fitted  
1 x RR50 Steering wheel talk switch with coiled cord
1 x NX30D5 Car wiring loom
1 x RR160 Drivers helmet kit with boom and coiled cord
1 x RR550 Drivers in ear piecesOPTIONS
1 x RR60/70 Car antenna and loom
1 x RR350 Pit headset with elevated pit antenna option
1 x NX911D High powered digital pit radio with belt clip and battery
1 x Pit radio fast charger
1 x CAS2 Pit radio carry case



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