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Designed to save you time in the pits and on the track. This RaceSense digital tyre pressure gauge has an automatic tyre mode that will record the initial pressures and also the adjusted pressures. Designed to be very precise, all the measurements are accurate down to 0.1 psi making it extremely accurate. It has been tested with tecnicians, drivers and motorsport teams to create the ultimate pressure gauge.


  • Switchable between psi, bar, kpa or kg/cm2
  • Ambient temperature and barometric pressure
  • OLED display allows data to be read easily even in bright sunlight
  • Sync data to your phone or tablet easily and view in the app. No pairing required and data upload takes less than 1 second
  • NFC technology allows you to transfer your data from the gauge to your phone
  • Rechargeable battery supplied up to 24 hours continuous use or up to 3 months in standby mode. Battery is fully recharged in 2 hours.
  • Accurate of better than + / - 0.1 psi
  • 0-100psi range


Multi-tyre mode

It will record pressures on all tyres without pressing a button and has 7 presets available for easy changes between vehicles. After the tyre pressures have been measured the data will be saved automatically with the time, date, ambient temperature, ready for the data to be exported if required. Using the iOS and Android smartphone apps will also add the location, weather, humidity and wind conditions to this captured data.

Want to keep your pressures secret?


The Offset mode will allow you to keep all your data secret. Input your desired pressures beforehand and the gauge will show the offset from these values instead of the actual pressures on the screen. Simply adjust your tyre pressures until you reach zero and no one will ever know what pressures you are running!


NFC Technology

The gauge uses wireless NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This allows you to transfer all your captured data to your phone in less than a second. Unlike Bluetooth where you have to spend time trying to pair devices together, with NFC your phone will automatically pair with the gauge. (NFC enabled phone required: IPhone 7 and above, Android 5.5+ with NFC. Apps can be downloaded from Google play and App store. If you don't have a phone then not to worry, the gauge can be plugged into a computer so you can download a CSV file of your data.


The gauge is fitted with a robust brass tyre chuck and bleed valve. The stainless steel belt clip will allow you to have the gauge at your side at all times. There is a USB slot for recharging the battery, upgrading and data downloading. The battery will last up to 24 hours with continuous use and 3 months when on standby. Supplied in a robust powder coated aluminium case that will protect the gauge during transportation.


Please note: Does not come with a pyrometer but is also available with a pyrometer by clicking HERE


RaceSense Tyre Pressure Gauge User Manual

RaceSense Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge

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