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Product description

HC synthesis technology-based, premium rationalisation engine oil for car petrol and diesel engines with and without turbocharger including soot particle filter. This premium product is able to achieve its high performance level due to the use of premium-quality raw materials.

HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30 High-performance engine oil developed specifically as an economy grade product for BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW with exhaust after-treatment, turbocharging and extended maintenance intervals (WIV/LongLife Service). Description HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30 is a specially developed engine oil based on selected HC synthetic base oils for modern passenger car Otto and diesel engines with exhaust after-treatment (diesel particulate filters) and turbocharging. Application HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30 can be used in vehicles with petrol and diesel engines in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. In BMW vehicles, it is backward compatible with former specifications such as BMW LongLife01/98. It can be used within the VW Group as an economy grade product in nearly all petrol and diesel models with or without LongLife Service. Approvals BMW Longlife-04 MB-Freigabe 229.31/229.51/229.52 VW 504 00/507 00 Equivalent quality in accordance with EU-law as per ACEA C3 API SP Opel/Vauxhall OV 040 1547-D30/-G30 Porsche C30 This product is also recommended when the following filling instructions are required API CF GM dexos2 VW 503 00/506 00 Advantages First-class economy grade for multi-functional use in diesel and Otto engines from different manufacturers The low sulphated ash, low phosphorus and sulphur content protects diesel particulate filters and catalytic converters It guarantees the longest service intervals of up to 50,000 km (dependent on the model/pay attention to the maintenance computer) Fuel economy due to low-viscosity characteristics High level of oxidation protection by means of selected HC synthetic oils and special additives Safer year-round operation due to outstanding viscositytemperature behaviour and high shear stability Stable lubricating film, even with hot oil and under excessive loads, and the best wear protection Reliable protection against corrosion and black sludge Low oil consumption due to a very low evaporation loss Miscible and compatible with conventional and synthetic engine oils. However, in order to exploit the full product benefits of HIGHTEC MULTI SYNT DPF SAE 5W-30, a complete oil change is recommended. 20125 | 19.07.2023 Typical characteristics Property Method Unit Value Density at 15 °C ASTM D-7042 g/ml 0.853 Kinematic viscosity KV 100 ASTM D-7042 mm²/s 12,2 Kinematic viscosity KV 40 ASTM D-7042 mm²/s 71 Viscosity index ASTM D-7042 - 170 Flash point ASTM D-92 / DIN EN ISO 2592 °C 235 Pour point ASTM D-97 / DIN EN ISO 3016 °C -39 CCS ASTM D-5293 cP @ °C 5700 @ -30 Total base number DIN 51639-1 mgKOH/g 8,5 HTHS ASTM D4683 mPas 3,51 These characteristics are typical for current production. The data does not constitute an assurance of properties or a guarantee of suitability for a specific application. Existing legal provisions and regulations that affect handling and usage of the products must be observed by the recipient of our products. ROWE products are continuously being developed. For this reason, ROWE retains the right to change all technical data in this product information at any time without prior announcement. Our current General Delivery and Payment Conditions apply (

Rowe Hitech Multi Synth DPF SAE 5W30

SKU: 20125-0050-99
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