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WOSP LMDC40 - Lucas C40 type LRD100/101/107 Replacement Dynamo

This is a replacement Lucas C40 type LRD101/107dynamo style unit with 50amp alternator inside a dynamo casing.

These units are direct replacements for the Lucas C40 type LRD101/107 Dynamo.

The units are Negative earth configuration and have a built in regulator. Positive earth versions are available, Please see the positive Earth Conversion Service Here.

All units are manufactured in the UK from billet with the workings of our lightweight 50amp race alternators inside the dynamo case.

Note: All Dynators are supplied complete with a 2.5" / 10mm V pulley & fan (unless stated otherwise) and are ready to fit. If you require a different size pulley please let us know at the time of ordering and we will supply this FOC.

Fitting a Dynator will halve the weight and more than doubling the output of the original units, while retaining the original appearance.

Please note this unit is a "Built to Order" item only and not available on an express delivery basis. Please allow 7 - 10 working days for delivery.

A: - Distance between lugs (where applicable).145mm
B: - Rear of adjuster lug to first V groove.35mm
C: - Rear of mounting lug to first V groove.35mm
Condition100% New
D: - Adjuster lug thickness.10mm
E: - Mounting lug thickness.10mm
F: - PCD144mm
PolorityNeg Earth

WOSP LMDC40 - Lucas C40 type LRD100/101/107

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