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NEW DESIGN                                  


High noise cancelling performance


Moulded Nexus Plug


Detachable Microphone boom


RCA phono and 3.5mm mono jack earpiece connector to suit most earpieces


Small boom Microphone suits all kinds of closed and open face helmets with minimal intrusion into helmet lining

NEW now with the following options

RR161K New DSP3 microphone for Autotel DSP3 compatible radio's perfect for very high noise applications.

RR162K With Gentex   high noise microphone, very high noise microphone backwardly compatible with all existing systems.


New reversible side pod with RCA phono socket and 3.5 mm mono jack socket for easy installation and earpiece connection.


Boom helmet kit for full face or open face helmets with 4 way Nexus connector (NO RED RING ON PLUG AND SOCKET). Suitable for most race car applications, this microphone is very efficient and relatively simple to install into most full face and some open face helmets using the supplied fitting instructions. However, should you want our trained engineers to fit it, the price includes installation if the helmet is returned to us.


The boom system is ideal to avoid wind noise problems associated with open cars.





4 Way Boom Helmet Kit (for digital systems)

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