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Class 1- Petrol in accordance with Art. 9 of Article 252 of the 2014 Appendix J. Note this system is for use only for cockpit volumes from 2.8 to 4.1 m³. Installation rear or front - uses different push in connectors, see kit content.

We at FEV are delighted to announce that the FIA have homologated our new fire suppression system FXG-TEC3300R – that has been designed to meet the new standard 8865 2015 which has been developed to meet a very demanding and comprehensive test. This is part of the FIA’s new program in making Motorsport a much safer sport for all who take part.

Standard 8865 has already been implemented for WRC cars running in the FIA WRC. It will apply to the following categories for 2017:  T1 cars running in FIA cross-country events; Super 2000 Rally RRC (Regional Rally Car), R5 and RGT cars running in the FIA WRC. As from 2018 Standard 8865 will also apply to GT3 cars. We are awaiting confirmation that as from 2018 it will also be implemented for all cars running in FIA cross-country events.


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