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Goodridge G-Line XF 910 PTFE Hose

 Is sold in 100mm units. Goodridge 910 Series hose features PTFE inner bore making ideal for transferring fuel within the cockpit/cabin of vehicles as it does not give off any fluid fumes, unlike the 200 series hose. The Goodridge 910 hose is smooth bored and features anti-static properties and convoluted outside for amazing flexibility whilst the Aramid fibre braiding on the outside is lightweight and flexible. Designed for use with Goodridge G-Line XF 711 and 811 Series re-usable fittings. 

Please note: The price shown is for a 100mm unit. We do this to help you purchase exactly the quantity you require when a full metre is not needed, saving you money. For example, if you do require a one metre length, you will need to change the order quantity to 10 in your basket.

Goodridge G-Line XF 910 PTFE Hose ( Per 100mm )

SKU: 910-06
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