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Needed for Most 24hr Race series including GT and Prototype Racing, Le Mans to Nurburgring.

These Kits are complete with 2 x A3 (297 x420mm) size Panels, Inverter, !2 volt supply lead, Splitter for 2 cables, 2 extender cables.

This has a dedicated EL Inverter, so it is tweaked to perform best with EL Panel and tapes and can light up to 2,500 Square centimetres of EL Panel or Tape

These Inverters are well-built for long term use in a strong metal box with good airflow, and feature top range toroidal transformers which run silently.

Electroluminescent Panels are thin (less than 1/2mm) laminated sheets that glow on one side.

These Glowing Panels can be cut down to any shape you chose using sharp scissors

Now, EL Panels have proved to be robust and versatile

Illuminated Door Number Panel Kit

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