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This latest NanoDrive engine oil from Millers Oils has been developed to reduce friction, releasing more engine power while still offering the highest levels of protection demanded from competition engines.

This combination has been achieved through NanoDrive technology which uses spherical nanoparticle structures within the oil. Configured in a similar sort of composition to an onion, with 'skins', the Nano particles retain their protective properties under load, even under extreme pressure and will only 'shed' a layer without overall particle failure and loss of viscosity. The nanoparticles 'fill' any rough metallic surfaces to create a super smooth surface which ensures minimum wear on engine components and maximum power.

Developed from tried and tested award winning Millers NanoDrive Gear Oil, with technology now available in engine oil, the NanoDrive provides benefits through:

  • Significantly reduced friction
  • Drop in component wear
  • Lower heat generation
  • Increased power #
  • Optimised reliability
  • Longer service life and maintenance intervals

The CFS NanoDrive range is available in different viscosities to suit most applications:

Millers Oils 5w/40 NT 5 Litres

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