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obp Gearbox/Diff/Engine Oil to Air Cooler - 13 Row, 235mm,

Weight: 1084 Grams

Capacity: 250ml

Why Use An Oil to Air Cooler In a Race Car.

As Engine Oil gets hotter it becomes thinner (less viscous) and will loose its film strength, this all important film strenth supported by oil pressure is what keeps bearings, gears, piston rigns etc surfaces from touching. Once these surfaces touch metal is removed, clearances widen and wear increases. As this takes place the oil pressure drops and very soon the result will be mechanical failure and engine seizure, resulting in the end of your race, most likely race meeting, replacement engine required and a massive cost to your team.

Oil to Air Transmission Coolers are used for cooling gearboxes, crown wheels and pinion units, differentials and power steering pumps to prevent over heating and loss of pressure due to material expansion that results in greater tolerances and lack of oil circulation and spiralling heat build up causeing mechanical failure and seizing.

Due to the intense nautre of motorsport these failures will happen in a very short space of time and using the obp Motorsport Hi-Quality Reliable Oil to Air Collers is essential to prevent these types of failures. As the air passes through the oil to air cooler it reduces and maintains the oil temperature at a workable, hi performing and reliable temperature preventing engine or transmission failure.

Key Features:

  • UK Manufactured
  • Trusted obp Motorsport Branded Product
  • Great Cooling Capacity
  • Lightweight High Quality 6061 Aluminium
  • Can Be Used To Cool Engine Oil, Transmission Or Rear Diffs
  • Universal Mounting Brackets
  • Ideal For Track, Race & Drifting

Oil Cooler Fitting Info:

The position of an oil cooler is important, they should always be fitted where air can pass through them easily (usually at the front of the car, near to the radiator) as it is airflow that will cool the oil as it flows through the oilways in the cooler.

Pipes connected to the engine supply oil to the cooler, a sandwich plate will normally fit between the engine block and the spin on oil filter for the pipes to be connected.

Oil Cooler Sizing Info:

The Oil coolers are 235mm wide. The overall width including the brackets is 330mm. The height of the cooler is measured in rows, this is the number of oilways, including the top and bottom plates. The more rows the cooler has, the better the cooling will be. The thickness of all the coolers is 51mm.


obp Gearbox/Diff/Engine Oil to Air Cooler - 13 Row, 235mm,

SKU: OBP23513-6JIC
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