These extreme racing Odyssey batteries feature a rugged construction with tightly packed pure lead plates. The non-spillable AGM design of the Odyssey extreme racing battery protects against the shock and vibration that can quickly destroy other batteries. Pure lead plates means more power, three times the life of conventional batteries. The Odyssey extreme racing battery is specifically for motor racing, the advantages include;

• Non-spillable design (can be mounted in a variety of ways)

• Protected from high impact shock and mechanical vibration

• Capable of 100% recharge in 4-6 hours

• Operating temperatures from -40 DEG to + 40 DEG C

• With service life of 3-10 years they save time & money


Raceparts is also proud to offer a range of battery brackets to suit Odyssey batteries. For more information please click here.


ER No. Part Number AH Rating Weight (KG) Dimensions (LXWXH) mm Cranking Current Terminals
ER8 PC310 7 2.7 138X86X101 310A M4 Bolts
ER15 PC370 14 5 200X77X140 370A M6 Stud
ER18 PC535 13 5.4 170X99X157 535A M6 Bolts
ER20 PC545 14 4.9 176X84X130 545A M6 Bolts
ER22 PC625 18 6 169X99X174 625A M6 Stud
ER25 PC680 18 6.1 182X77X168 680A M6 Bolts
ER30 PC950 26 9 250X97X156 950A M6 Stud
ER35 PC925 28 11.8 169X179X128 925A M6 Stud
ER40 PC1100 38 12.5 250X97X206 1100A M6 Stud
ER60 - 51 17.5 220X121X260 1230A M6 Stud

Odyssey Extreme Racing Batteries

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