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Weighing only 130g and with a 6 hour battery life the VBOX Sport can be used in virtually any motorised vehicle and will allow you to log accurate GPS data including speed, acceleration, distance and time directly to the supplied SD card. Using the analysis software provided you can then scrutinise your performance and identify where valuable seconds can be gained.

The VBOX Sport is officially certified by Apple and connects to iPhone™, iPod Touch™, or iPad™ via a Bluetooth connection, enhancing the GPS reception on iOS devices, or adding GPS functionality to those which don’t have it already. (Apps can be found on the Apple App store by searching for 'Racelogic').

  • 25Hz logging
  • Socket for external GPS antenna
  • 6hr Battery life
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Waterproof
  • USB charging
  • SD card logging
  • Herbert Richter mounting points
  • Free data analysis software
The VBOX Sport kit includes the following: VBOX Sport, Herbert Richter 4 point mounting plate, USB lead, cigarette lighter USB adaptor and a 2Gb SD Card
Please note: some modern cars are fitted with a special windscreen that cuts down the amount of UV (Ultra Violet) rays that will be transferred through the windscreen which help cut down on glare. These windscreens are called Athermic, or UV Coated and will dampen/reduce GPS signals coming through the windscreen. If this is the case please order the optional external GPS antenna.

Racelogic VBOX Sport New

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