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Schroth Racing Enduro 3X2 FIA approved touring car, GT and sports car lightweight harness. ZIP adjuster integrated 2" lap strap latched, quick entry rotary buckle. FIA approved.

Since being launched the Schroth Racing Enduro harness range has become a must have for any serious endurance racer in categories such as Britcar, Belcar, Creventic or any other saloon/sports endurance category. This Schroth Racing Enduro 3X2 harness has features which make it easier and quicker for driver changes during the race, such as the quick release tabs on the lap strap.

Some of the other features of this Schroth Racing belt are:

  • Simple and easy to adjust adjusters integrated into the lap belt latches
  • Extra large, easy to see yellow hand loops on the lap belts
  • Extra large, easy to grab hand loops on the shoulder belts
  • Clearly marked lap belt release straps
  • Rotary Buckle
  • 2inch (50mm) lap belts for unmatched comfort
  • Ideal for Touring Car and Sports Car applications!
  • Meets FIA homologation 8853-2016


This Schroth Enduro 3X2 harness can be worn with or without a HANS device. However a HANS specific version is also available. If you would like this harness in a colour not offered here then please call or email us with details of your requirements. Alternative colours are available but may incur higher costs. If you require a bespoke version of this harness then please call or email is with the details of your requirements.

50 mm (2") Lap Belts

To explain why 50 mm (2“) webbing is more effective than 75 mm (3“) webbing, one needs to look at the shape of the human body. The Iliac Crest (IC) is the part of the pelvic bone that sticks out above the hips. 50 mm (2“) webbing fits entirely within the recession created by the Iliac Crest, where 75 mm (3“) webbing rides over the top of the Iliac Crest. The 75 mm (3“) webbing has less contact area by percentage than the 50 mm (2“) webbing which will cause more bruising during an impact where the belt is making contact with the pelvic bone.

Since the 50 mm (2“) webbing rides inside the Iliac Crest it can be worn as much as 25 mm (1“) to 40 mm (1.5“) tighter and at the same time is more comfortable. Since the 50 mm (2“) webbing fits well within the Iliac Crest of the pelvis, it is less likely to slide up above the crest and cause submarining a condition where the body slides down below the lap belt possibly causing internal organ damage.

Research shows that the faster the pelvis is captured, the lower the resultant  loads on the chest, head and neck. There is no difference in the strength of the 50 mm (2“) webbing. All webbing: 50 mm (2“) or 75 mm (3“) must meet the same homolgation test loads

Schroth Enduro 3x2

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