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TPS Kit Weber 40/45 DCOE

Dual Purpose Can either be used for TPS Data Logging as used by us on Historic cars with Weber DCOE or Dellorto Carbs DHLA's

Or turn your mapped ignition system into 3D with the superb Webcon TPS kit.

Simply bolt the custom designed backet to the Weber DCOE / DCO/SP or Dellorto DHLA carburettor and connect the TPS to your ignition wiring loom.

If you are using an Alpha Ignition system, there is no more to do. Simply connecting the TPS evokes the 3D map inside the ECU and no further calibration is required.

Further calibration may be required if you are using a non Alpha system.

Throttle Position Sensor (Webcon)

SKU: WEBCON9990266000
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