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Mad Historic Season Pt 2

After leaving Brands Masters event we were looking forward MG Live at Silverstone with some enthusiasm for couple of events Masters Touring Cars and Equipe GT’s we had 4 cars there . Cortina, Mustang & a pair of FIA MGB Roadsters.

Unfortunately The Mistress that is Motorsports had another go at us with a mixed weekend with some good and some bad results and some breakages. The MGB belonging to Mark Hope decided that after getting a little warm in an earlier session would let its engine go! The poor man then borrowed Graham’s MGB only for that to Fail as well. Well the Crew later that day stripped that and repaired it. For it go on and qualify at the front with Graham at the wheel.

Followed by 2 overall wins.

Not a miracle that could be done on Marks unfortunatly and he then had to sit the weekend out. The Mustang this weekend was on the Pace and with young Mr Greensall due to drive was good unusually we had an electrical issue which cost us Track time only to get it fixed and Mark Burton to start the Race chasing on and in a good position Nigel takes over and chasing for the front when he had to pull over overheating

(Bloody hell). Graham’s Lotus having Q2 in class 5th overall in a strong 25 Car Grid (sharing with his son Tom. Gearbox had been snicked in gear in qualy so the decision was made to borrow one and change it (Our spare still being rebuilt after Brands..)

Not good race had issues with gearbox then in the race had we not changed it we could of had a good result but that as we have to say is Motorsports. 


On to Silverstone Classic. A weekend to forget with MGB’s yes both engine issues even though we did a late gearbox swap it wasn’t to be,

But After a 24 day Marathon with many all night sessions, We debued Graham Pattle’s New Cortina 40 mins prior to the1st test session. On the Thursday morn.

We’ve called the New Car “Marmite” as we have people both loving and hating the new colour scheme, but at least we can pick it out of the pack now. For a new car out of the box it was nearly on the pace of the old Car straight away.

We had only one gremlin on the new car with an electrical issue which after chasing it turned out to be a loose nut the only one and not the one behind the wheel. We Qualified half way down the pack with promise for the race.

We had the pace to finish top ten but Graham having to finish the race again with gearbox issues..


We had a test at Silverstone, with Mustang and New Cortina for shakedown after some changes 

Cooling on the Mustang ✅ and some setup work on the Cortina with this and 45 min run at Croft we were ready for.........

Our first European Event at Zandvoort, for the year, we were there with 3 cars and ended up with 4 Trophies amongst the 3 cars.

Some great driving from all the drivers and some great pitstops and prep as usual from the guys.

Qualifying was quite difficult on Dampish track with Graham never driven this track. We started back down the Touring Car Grid but ended up with Trophy’s never the less.

On top of this a great Run from Mark Hope in his MGB with a great battle with some Healy’s getting a great result, great event will tag a video on the website later, with a sum up of the weekend.

Queuing for the boat

Set up at Zandvoort


Tom Cruise 



On tour in town 

Good haul this weekend the boys were back in town....


Back to base quick turnaround prep cars reload 

And off to Spa for the 6 hr weekend a reasonable weekend but not the best

End of the historic season so won’t dwell on it Cars were on the pace to start, but one finished off the pace but everyone was 6 seconds away from earlier the track was horrible and covered in oil all the way round but again we came away with some trophy’s indicating a reasonable season ending up with small haul of 13 trophies between the 3 drivers. Ups and downs of Motorsports as I say but that’s not too shabby...

 Historics over for another year

So thanks to our Customers and our Crew alike who all did a great job this year with more to come cheers all

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