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Late End of Season Run

Whilst we thought our Season was Over at Spa this year, We were wrong!

We had spoken about this car briefly a year earlier, and had preliminary talks in September.

Skype is a wonderful thing but you have to Remember Australia is a few time zones away.

after another Skype call and several emails and phone calls the car was on its way. supposed to land with us 1st of October to give us a month, a month till what? 1st race outing, remember not even seen the car at this Point. Remember this is Motorsports it arrived 19th October what was it

The lovely Aston Martin Vantage GT4.

Now the work starts Race Prep new Car to us and prep for night races.

The Boys in the workshop did a fantastic Job despite some issues we found on the Car. The Aston Was ready the day before we were due to leave for Silverstone and our 1st foray back into the Britcar paddock for some time. Delighted to be there with Rob and Claire Hedley in Control of the series now.

Arrived Thursday evening to set up and even had chance to have a meal out with the boys and to meet Mal (our new customer)for the 1st time. What a nice guy. my impressions hadn't changed from the Skype calls.

Friday Test day, Well this was full on a Baptism of fire for Mal, poor guy was Knackered after

Friday with Saturday and Sunday still to go.

Saturday and Sunday were both great days and it was a fantastic weekend for the Team at Silverstone, With Mal improving all weekend and the Car being turned around quickly by the Lads and Ready to go.

Set up was great and even in the cold conditions.

Mal even finished with the Sunoco trophy for Driver of the weekend.. Well earn't. To just put a top on this Great weekend, we had the great

pleasure of being introduced to Jeremy and the Spearmint Rhino Grid Girls who also came along to support Us

Brilliant weekend for all concerned and to top it off a great series to be involved with..

And a Nice quote from the owner to finish off his first weekend (this was part of an email he sent me the Thursday after the weekend). "I have been very fortunate to have done a fair bit in my time and been lucky to have a good time whilst doing them, but last weekend was up there and I had one of the best experiences I’ve had over those three days. It was exciting, nerve wracking but most of all fun and at the end of the day we’ve all been together in saying that’s what it should be, fun. I would like you to pass this email on to the guys because they were all a part of it. The instant friendship, banter, support and great spirit was shown by everyone and I don’t say it lightly that I know that this is the team to be with."

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