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Now for the Last Outing

Well what more can I say than here it was last meeting of the season Britcar Brands Hatch into the Night.. We were well prepared testing on the Friday went well Mal learning the Indy Circuit quite well. but for a first time here the weather on the Saturday wasn't kind at all to him.

We go to prior to the first race after Qualifying quite well and the decision was made and supported by the team after free practice to not do the first race. A braver decision I believe that than going into something your not ready for. and most would agree the conditions were awful.

and enough for multiple collisions and Safety Cars with the Race being stopped short..

So we went into Sunday with a slightly better day forecast and prospects of a race to end the season with.. It was freezing cold but dry. No chance of getting heat in the tyres but all in the same boat. changed compound on the front to try and help which it did but still could do with more.

Mal Started the Race and found it hard to generate heat on the cold track, by the time we called him in in had slipped a little but after an excursion in the Gravel kept his times consistent and still in the race.. We called him in at the halfway point added Fuel and swapped drivers for Ben to push to the line which he did spent the time out there chasing and lapping many times a Porsche, as well as passing a few others along the way. car was going well and despite the temps being so low he managed to get the lap-times down and consistent.. A great opening 2 events for the GT 4

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