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Silverstone Up and Down Weekend

Well Motorsports is certainly the cruelest of Mistresses, We were having a great weekend at Silverstone with our new sponsors for Le Mans being debuted on the car. .

Testing went well as it could have on Friday with substantial amounts of Red lights in Sessions,

But progress nevertheless. Unfortunately for some of our colleagues had some big damage on friday, Weekend over for them. we progressed through the sat morning quite nicely with Ben setting a great pace in qualifying, and left the first race to Mal, who did a great job bringing his times d

own throughout.

The second Race was due to start dry and it did all bar some spitting rain however this was to change to a deluge just before pitstops were due. We held Ben out on Slicks as long as possible, This enabled us to fuel and change tyres at the same time, With Mal taking over driving duties off he went in the rain.

he was doing a sterling job keeping it on the black stuff

we were running 9th overall and 5th in class when unfortunately the gearbox bug hit the Aston as well. 15 mins from the end a Radio message from "Over here" (private team joke, Sorry) meant we had to stop the car.

Although this was bad news for the weekend at least it didn't wait until we got to Le Mans to go

Work to do now but off we go........

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