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Britcar Donington Park

Here we go Britcar at Donington What a grid 30 plus is Awesome start to the weekend and should have been more, Annoyingly we were still without the Vantage GT4, But really great to have

Paul Calladine out with us in his Ginetta after his promising first foray back after 12 months at Oulton Park...

Great testing and Qualifying for Paul time again was coming down except for a stall in the last test session, but the track was slower so to nearly maintain times on worn rubber was an achievement on its own, Qualy itself was pretty good we bit the bullet early and just did what we had to do. First race was good up to 16th and 3rd in class at one point running wide on the very slippery surface dropped us back to about 24th back up to 22nd and 5th in class at the end.

Did I forget to say the track was dire due to running straight after the Trucks, (the 5-6 tonne ones)

leaving diesel, oil and water just from running and then many more runs of diesel on the racing line with blown engines etc, and the same again for race 2.

Race 2 started well for Paul unfortunately whilst waiting for him to pit he had an incedent which finished his race. Onward and upward to Snetterton.

promising Run at Oulton Park

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