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Frankie Fordham Motorsports

Our Young drag Racer Frankie Fordham was in France this last weekend, Racing at the

7th European Dragster @ Clastres France.

Now hes reached 13 he has to adapt his skills to a faster car having removed some of the restrictors from the current engine.

This weekend was his first without the old restrictor, and obviously had to adjust his driving style

off the lights as his 0-60 time is now less than 3 seconds, and the great the skill at this age is the bracket racing ( This means that you have to control your startline to lights Speed and time).

Qualified 3rd, and reached the quarter finals before being knocked out by 0.35 of a second. Great weekend for the team and looking forward to the European finals in September..

Watch this space and keep up with Frankies Progress with us here at EDF Motorsports and on Frankie's social media Frankie Fordham Motorsports on Facebook and on Instagram.

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