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Season Reports 3 - Ash and Martin Seat Cupra TCR

Season Really summed up by the following

"2019 The year that never was ! 2019 promised much and delivered little for us. Lots of reasons and details conspired against us in what we hoped would be a season to challenge the best of Britcar. Alas, it was not to be. However, the master plan has returned, heavily revised but with same goal. Race the best, beat the best, be the best !Sounds overly confident but as a team of people I/we believe we can compete with the best out there. But we must do better, try harder and take those opportunities we clearly missed last season.So, as the new year approaches we are regrouping for another shot at Britcar. The homework is harder, the prep

more detailed, the determination and motivation is there and we’re aiming high. I don’t have 2020 vision ! But I can see the potential. Britcar, here we come"

" I woujld like to add this to the words above. My Guys did a fantastic job this year and we always arrived at track with the pace and renewed vigour, However the motorsport Gods were against us throughout this season and you cant fight that. The whole team,spirit, of course including Ash and Martin was awesome it was just one of those years as as been previously stated bring on 2020 and Spa"

Eddie Farrow added!

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