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Britcar Round 1

Great promising Start to the season with some great people, Round 1 of Britcar Championship. Ash and Martin in the Cupra and Paul in the Ginetta G50. Testing was superb and the team gelled very quickly with some new faces and some old. Many thanks to all the guys real passion and effort put in. Learning curve on the new car for all. But on it quickly. Pace in Testing was on it with both cars. Race day proved more challenging although throughout Free Practice and Qualy everything went well. Unfortunately in both races, the Cupra decided its diff would rather not work properly. So we are having severe words with it in the workshop, this week!! An incident in the Ginetta caused Paul to have a collision with another competitor. The Crew did a fantastic job of getting back on track for race 2 Paul Showing great pace, spoiled by a fuelling issue was up to P13 from the back. Both Ash and Martin also showed fantastic pace considering the issues. But points make prizes and despite the issues we got them by finishing. And not last !! To sum up a few problems but great Promise for Round 2. See you all at the end of April back at Silverstone on the GP Circuit.

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